Jay-Z Makes History Becoming The First Rapper To Become A Billionaire


Being alive in a time that’s a frothy mixture of everything both good and bad, it’s uniquely a light of hope when one supersedes their own dream and setting the tone that there is indeed light throughout the tunnel as well. Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter is one of the most luxuriant professors when it comes to knowledge and structure to go the extra mile in effectively building a lasting legacy. Spreading awareness, philanthropy, and innovation the ‘Jiggaman’ truly leads by example. Today all with a hand-held device learned the magnificent of consistency learning that Mr. Carter became the first Rapper to become a Billionaire.

Putting a plentiful meaning behind ‘Icon,’ Jay-Z started assembling a foundation of persistency in his early 20’s with a raw rap career about the hard-knocks and hustle of coming up in New York City. Taking all that the streets offered him, he moved in stride to gas his talents and multiply his plate from little to nothing into 10-figures. Through the melodies of his extensive catalogue of music, he whisked us through real life tribulations and struggles of the Black man pressing to survive and conquering obstacles of a giant. Fast-Forwarding to today, Mr. Carter has a boundless portfolio including “14 No. 1 albums, 22 Grammy awards,” liquor (Armand de Brignac, D’Ussé), real estate, Fortune 500 investments, and his personal business like Tidal and Roc Nation and more, respectively.

Cheers to the Business, man himself and much more continued success and a pillar of hope and determination for the Culture!

5 responses to “Jay-Z Makes History Becoming The First Rapper To Become A Billionaire”

  1. […] Jay-Z was all smiled sitting next to his leading lady in his classic all-black attire. The evenings black uniform included a black Paper Planes hat with white embroidery of the brands name, Christophe Roberts crewneck t-shirt, and Puma sneakers. Beyoncé gave literal meaning to the Golden hour in an iridescent sparkling brown casual number. Layering her Runway piece, she wore a khaki trench coat by Riccardo Tisci under his by Burberry Creative Direction. The dazzling gold-circular piece comes from Burberry’s Spring 2019 collection from last September. She styled the high-fashion coat over a sparkling two-piece V-cut sweater and draped mini-skirt. Finishing the look with matching Gold satin heels and a splash of color with a crocodile green clutch bag by By Far. When you’re thrown on the Jumbotron every 3-5 minutes, why not sparkle? […]


  2. […] Meek Mill has been on a mission of transforming all negatives into positives any way that one is presented to him. Being prevalently vocal about criminal justice reform and bringing light onto the injustices of the African American community has put the rapper at the forefront of the spearheading movement, and all a little shy of just a year since is release from prison. Meek has already done tremendous work towards the further development for not only himself, but for the community of artist like himself. Today was a phenomenal display of that push towards greatness as news was released of a joint venture between himself and industry colleague and friend, Jay-Z. […]


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