A Look Inside Travis Scotts Reese’s Puffs Cereal Pop-Up in Paris


Travis Scott and collaboration are very exciting words lately. His last collaboration with Nike dubbed ‘Cactus Jack’ was an immediate sell-out hit. Today Scott hosted a Pop-Up in Paris for his latest ‘Cactus Jack’ induction with Reeses Puff cereal. The General Mills brand and the Astroworld merged together to create a limited edition box for the cereal. With a new price tag of $50, Scott is said to curated the cereal boxes’ upgraded design himself taking inspirations from his latest studio album artwork and Cactus Jack record label.

At the Paris pop-up the vibes were set by monochromatic hues of browns and a logistical flow of creativity. The space was altered into a mini Reeses Puff factory. Walls were neatly covered with aligned boxes of the new cereal design, coordinating merch, and 3D figurines. To add to the exclusivity of the collab the pop-up was only open for 4 hours, where visitors could come, take pics, view the merchandise, and get a physical view of the fresh design. Staying true to the millennial inspiration visitors were immediately greeted by a large spoon reading ‘ENJOY TODAY’ with the Cactus Jack branding to complete the effect. Continuing the mantra a few feet away was a tipped over milk carton reading ‘DONT CRY OVER SPILLED MILK.’

The most sought out of the event was the surprise greeting of merchandise to match the collaborations designs. The mini-capsule style collection included hoodies and T-shirts ranging from the-dye, orange, brown, and black (all colors of the cereal and not to mention a new piece to wear with your Nike x Travis Scott ‘Cactus Jack’ collab) that sold out within 30 seconds of release online.


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