Travis Scott Shows His Continued Deep Rooted Love For Louis Vuitton


The rapper and designer relationship is very important. For Travis Scott, and many of his other colleagues, Louis Vuitton seems to be his go to. One of the first to wear the collaboration of collaborations with the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection, and even a one of a kind LV accessory for Superbowl the proof is in the pudding. More than usual, lately Travis has been digging deep into his archive showcasing some prevalent pieces from the Luxury Fashion house’s leather and accessories departments.

Currently on tour, Scott has been making sure his carry-on and personal luggage is of the right standard. In between jet-setting he took a couple of flicks putting his large and oversized totes on full display. Most eye-catching is the pieces from the Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton collaboration. In a grainy vintage edit, Scott held up the camouflage style printed leather duffle bag with his signature braid swinging lean and sparkling grill wearing it across his chest as he departed his flight. In another shot you can see him carrying a large, light colored backpack with another Murakami LV trunk tote with the signature colorful monogram print. With a billionaire family, you must keep the toothbrush and durag protected at all cost.

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