A Moment of Silence For Chanel In The Snow: Karl Lagerfeld’s Final Set



Karl Lagerfeld. A man beyond his years and ahead of the many trends he set for admirers alike of the craft called Fashion. As one of the most anticipated shows this season as many shared a deep love for the craftsmanship of the Creative Director, the French Fashion house paid a great respect for the legend at their Autumn-Winter 2019 Runway show this morning in Paris. Known for creating the most decadent sets for his presentations for Chanel, this one specifically served its purpose in bridging the final catwalk for designs of the mega-Fashion icon.

Taking place at the Grand Palais in Paris, the late-genius transformed the iconic venue into an Alpine Village. Perfectly measured into the purest of snow, leafless trees with an essence beauty to them, and snow-topped wood cabins against a backdrop of mountain peaks, in a possible nod to Lagerfeld’s German roots. In opening, the crowd of Fashion on-goers shared an eager passion to flood the faux snow with love and appreciation as they shared a one minute moment of silence in gratitude of Lagerfeld. The models stood in a solid line a hope at the top of the set to pay their respects. The silence was broken following the sound of Lagerfeld’s voice echoing throughout the cabin homes of the set.


At the seats of the attendees in place of show notes, a beautiful fashion illustration depicting Lagerfeld and CoCo Chanel, complete with the phrase ‘the beat goes on.’ The show was not only a moment of history, but a beautiful home going service of one the Centuries greatest designers.

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