Justin Bieber Takes A Note From His Supermodel Wife For His Latest Street-Style





Having a wife for a Supermodel is one of those things that will ALWAYS be good, most definitely when it comes to threads. Justin Bieber has been heavily promoting his new label ‘Drew’ via InstaGram and Paparazzi for the past few weeks. From what we’ve seen as of late, the brand is comprised of hoodies and sweatpants in different shades of beige. Though todays look was put together a little differently with a stand-out staple. Sharing clothes, hopefully not underwear, seem to not be a big problem for newlyweds these days (or maybe just a rich newlywed thing). Hitting the streets in NYC today, Bieber wore Drew pieces that included a sun colored yellow trucker hat with a smiley face on it, a wheat bread colored two-piece (yes, that’s a creep pic of his shirt coming undone), and catholic school drug-dealer glasses.

Accompanying the look of bread (get it, like loaf of bread cause it’s wheat colored? No? Cool) he wore a double stack of dazzling jewelry that included cuban links, one with the pendant of his brands logo. What stood out most of all? His wifes’ blue $2,600 Balenciaga parka coat – given to him on loan nonetheless which he stated in his InstaGram caption. Lady Bieber was spotted in NYC with her hubby wearing the gender-neutral number in a coordinating fit with her beaux. The corduroy drip is one of the many Bieber continues insisting is dropping soon. Honestly, we’re all stupidly prepared to buy the same colors of everything in slightly different styles to be halfway on-trend but what the hell, it’s the Biebz baby!

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