BET Host A Night Of Hustle In Houston Ahead Of Their Latest Reality Show Hustle In Brooklyn

photos by David Yurey / The BleauBook


Yesterday Evening BET hosted a grand press event for the activation ahead of their latest hit reality show, Hustle in Brooklyn. Curated by the city’s top influencer, Mikos & J. Mulan, the event was a night straight off of the Q train to Brooklyn (train check) with a honest ambiance to truly exude the atmosphere of the Hustle in the profound city. Literally, upon entering you received a custom BET MetroCard to the Subway. The culture was alive and thriving throughout the night with an open bar, extremely delicate Hors D’oeuvres (including Jamaican beef patties) and even lite desserts to complete the palette.

The show circles around a group of 9 young influential millennials chasing/maintaining their dreams in an array of different avenues that all have one tie to each other – Brooklyn, NY. It is most definitely true when they say “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere” and these hustlers definitely prove it fact. Growing up in todays age is a hassle as it is, let alone trying to leave your imprint and make something of yourself as well.

See how Ivy, Eva, Baggy, Alicia, Azia, Danielle, Darnell, Jesse, & Santos make it work for them Every Tuesday night @ 10pm on BET!

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