Lady Gaga Took The Power In The Suit As THE Woman In Hollywood

photos by Getty Images

Yesterday Elle Magazine hosted their annual Women In Hollywood event, and let us start by saying it was definitely a moment for women. Before yesterday evening, power-suit was just a fun term to describe a good looking moment to wear a suit – yet yesterday Lady Gaga brought an entire new meaning and moment to the words.


Wear an extreme oversized Marc Jacobs suit, Gaga made working girl an underestimate and more relatable for her megastar colleagues that filled the room. Still wallowing in the major success from her recent film ‘A Star Is Born’, Gaga delivered a relishing speech on what being a woman in Hollywood for her is like:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 2.56.25 PM.png

Using the power of Fashion to express her deepest accomplishments and insecurities and liberating feeling of freedom she experience in that “oversized mens suit that was made for a woman.” It was a moment of sincere feelings and full of emotions and Gaga also revealed she is now engaged to her boyfriend Christian Cariano. Congratulations to Mother Monster for enjoying her fairytale moment, which is well deserved!

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