The Black Wolf – A|w’18

IMG_2104 copy

In an age that has become on of the most defining for Fashion, and InstaGram post and the millennials in them are the new trend forecasters. With the latest Luxury Street Couture brand jumping on the scene, The Black Wolf has quickly figured out it’s lane and cultivated some of the biggest trends in the forthcoming and past seasons.

Focusing on one of the most overlooked aspects of Fashion, innovation, T.B.W. takes some of the most beloved staples and create them in a way society never knew they needed. With a more relaxed LookBok than collection, it seems that they Brand is heading for a renovation of appeal towards a more intricate side of sultry seductiveness. Upon first sight, you’re not sure exactly what brand you could be looking at but you’re sure that there’s a variety of things that you want. With gender binding Fashion among the most popular at the moment, it’s made it’s way to upon another sculptural presentation of what is to come from the most of what’s hot.


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