Apple Launches New Interest-Free iPhone Finance Program with Apple Card


Apple is arguably the biggest name in tech, and with their latest invention it could be hard to top. The company has created a version of a credit card and already has consumers woo’ing. The card is said to be “built on simplicity, transparency and privacy, and designs to help customers lead a healthier financial life.” The titanium card has no fees and very low interest rates, which is something the company is also trying to eliminate.

The company released a new initiative to further push iPhone sales and elevate the commonality of the Apple card: a financing program solely for purchasing the iPhone. Apple Card holders can finance the purchase of their choice of iPhone with absolutely no interest for up to 24 months. The only catch is you must make the purchase with your Apple Card to be eligible for the interest free financing. To add further incentive, Apple is offering 3 percent of cost back to customers who purchase Apple products with their Apple Card. The Apple Card became an immediate sensation as the sleek card bares absolutely no numbers on it, immediately adding an extra source of protection against credit card fraud.

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