Apple May Be Bringing Back The Classic iPhone 4 Design


Apple is reportedly digging into their archives for their next design ahead of 2020. Profound Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published a report with base claims of the iPhone 12 will have a new metal frame structure. reference the 2010 box frame on the iPhone 4, it was an immediate sell-out, as if that’s anything new, and some might arguable say it was the pinnacle moment for the iPhone designs. “The metal frame and the front and rear 2/2.5D glass are still used, but the metal frame surface will be changed to a similar design to the iPhone 4, replacing the current surface design,” Kuo stated via a Twitter post.

Speculations about the next design are making their rounds since next year will be the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone 4 and thoughts of the reference to pay homage to the design, again hinting at thoughts of it being one of the most prestigious. Kuo also states that the 2020 release of iPhones will accompany an assortment of screen sizes from 5.4 inches to 6.1 inches all including the OLED display technology. With the new design, he also predicts that the Tech Giant will introduce the 2.5D glass panels on the new 2020 models which promoted a heightened quality of smoothness and handheld functionality.

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