A Look Inside Off-White™’s New Korean Outpost Concepts


What a year it has been for Virgil Abloh. Off the heels of tremendous debut collection for Louis Vuitton Men, Virgil has set the sights for Seoul, Korea to spearhead two new concept storefronts for the Off-White™. An attractive Flagship is pinnacle in aesthetic for Instagrammers alike and also for the more simpler references – to purchase the latest on hand. Titled “Freestanding” and “Hyundai Coex,” are the latest two.

“Freestanding” (the first 9 photos) puts you in a secluded deco mind-set. Abiding by it’s architecture, it is an outlet style store. Clean lines, artsy seating, fluorescent lighting,   grayscale flooring, and metal furniture. Then there’s an opposite transition “Hyundai Coex.” Walking into the more modern edge appeal of sleek and clean. Dubbed entirely in blue hues and highlighted from the ceiling with iridescent lights – properly reflecting the detailing of each corner and stitching on the garments hanging from the metal garment racks and showcases on the orange cage displays.

Each store is set to include some of the most sought out collections and collaborations from the Fashion House including Nike, Rimowa, & Jimmy Choo.

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