Spring 2019 | Louis Vuitton : Menswear

LV1The moment that we’ve impatiently been waiting for came at no surprise, but full of excitement, emotion, and exhilaration. A collection where “The biggest goal for a first collection in any scenario is to start so that people can understand the new vocabulary,” truly transcended in an artistic language that required a unique dictionary left for every attendees comprehension. With an invited audience of all different ethnicities, nationalities, and generations blended together to share this historical, but importantly, pivotal moment in Fashion – “We Are The World” was indeed a title needing no introduction or second blink.

On a rainbow color fused runway at the Palais Royal, celebrities, influencers, and supporters of walks came to view the debut collection for Virgil Abloh as the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton Hommes. In a new age where Fashion Education is now taught on the streets of some of the most coveted Fashion Avenues of the world, Abloh is reigned a culture curator for the new curriculum. With no “standard Fashion School” lesson he took what cannot be taught and applied it in authentic ways. With the world being such a comparison of Social-Media lives, the tone for the show today invited the audience to feel and connect – the most important aspect in building. With such a humble, personable, and relatable story to the culture he reflects it was a natural marriage.

An ode to the roots of the Original Luxury Accessories House he took a generation x spin to include the classic wallets and bags to infuse them into a holsters and harnesses with zippered vests in an architectural design to insight of thought of ‘How’d he do that?’ The opening look took a bridge between what was and what is with a tailored suit with a double-breasted blazer and loose two pleat trousers. Although the trainers opted for a moment of attraction – it was the sunlit white crocodile luggage tote and correlating chain. The cast included stars such as Kid Cudi and new gen favorite Playboi Carti. Along with others the presentation show the dynamic and importance of then and now and making them together which is what the emerging street style is about. Consistently quoting it as a ‘New vocabulary’ and ‘Open Space for new dialogue’ is exactly what he showcased – The New Language of Luxury.

photos by Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv


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