Easy 3-Step Layering For Fall

Leah Alexander by Frankie Bleau

Incase you’ve missed it, we’ve released our latest issues with coverstar Taylor McGaughey and Niko Mark and your response couldn’t be more gracious! A personal segment in the women’s Editorial is one that is a bit repetitive, but something that needs to be revisited every season. When it comes to layering you can never be too precise. Especially now with the temperature cooling down and the leaves beginning to fall the conversation is necessary.

My fellow editors and I came up with an easy 3-step method to creating the easiest, but most effective and chic, layered outfit. With the help of Gen-Z it-girl and model Leah Alexander we were able to create a small guide on the perfect layering. We created two different guides. One for if you’re wearing a top layer and another if you’re just planning on layering an outfit.

IMG_973 3 copy 2

t-shirt: Inn School Suspension | Slip dress: Zara | Moto-jacket: All-Saints | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Now, for starters there’s no right or wrong way to layer an outfit – but like every outfit you always want to start with a piece that’s your favorite.

Guiding us into Step 1: The Base. This is the most important area as this is where your outfit will begin. The base of the outfit is key to creating the ‘more complex’ look of it all, when in reality it’s nothing to it other than adding. The base here is the t-shirt. Now as simple as that sounds, it actually created the moment because without it we would’ve just been looking at an average slip dress.

Step 2: Layer. This is where you can get jazzy. You’re layer is going to be the most visual piece of your outfit so make it count. The slip dress is a deep Forest Green hinted with a cheetah print design over it – so definitely creating an eye-catching appeal at immediate glance.

Step 3: Cover. This step requires the minimal work. Add a Jacket, or a sweater, or cardigan like vibe to create the finish of the look you want. We wanted more edgy, fashion girl off-duty vibes so we went with the easy motorcycle jacket to make bring it all together.

See, easy as literally 1,2,3. There’s also a segment to creating the layering effect with an outfit that’s just the outfit and doesn’t require to have the cover (coat or jacket) with it BUT those goods are in the editorial which you can purchase by visiting our Official Site Store. See you there!

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