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Snoh Aalegra Gets Stylishly Steamy With Co-Star Michael B. Jordan In New Video


Snoh Aalegra made an exquisite splash in the music industry with her soultry voice and gorgeous face, so a patrolled co-star is only right for the music video from her latest project. The song at hand is “Whoa” from her most recent album, -Ugh, those feels again, which is a fashion Pinterest mood board in motion.

Aalegra, alongside heartthrob actor Michael B. Jordan, play fiery roles as intense lovers showcasing their love on the highest of pedestals in a variety of different dreamy locations. The Fashion was spot on, mimicking the googly eye vintage love the two share in the project. The video opens with a unique setting of flowers, as the cameras pans up to show Aalegra & Jordan sitting legs locked in the middle of the street. Both in blue denim, Snoh added a statement candy red leather trench coat by Julia Seemann draped seamlessly over the gray Stüssy hoodie.

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 8.14.15 PM

The video is set for a fantasy Vintage feel, which is depicted perfectly as Snoh sits at a table accessorized with Watermelon, she harmonizes in a two-piece with a ’70s fuse garnished with stacked necklaces and her classic slick back ponytail elevating her perfect facial structure. Michael B. stands as a breath of fresh air in a slouched white tee and mid-waist flare leg trouser. The video is a successful love rollercoaster at the perfect speed with no need, or want, for an end. The duo aligned perfectly throughout the entire journey, serving literal millennial couple, and style, goals.

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