Cardi B Has An Ultra-Violet Mermaid Moment For Coachella


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Keeping the girls on their toes when it comes to Hair & Make-Up is definitely something Cardi B and her team have on lock. The latest victim of suspense: Coachella. The high yield Festival embodies a gazillion insta-worthy moments that even celebrities like to capture, and in this case, serve. Cardi hit the Revolve stage at the Indio, CA Festival like a true beauty bombshell is outgoing tresses and glitter to match the vibrating chemistry as she performed with her hubby.

We’re all aware of how less has the heavier impact for Coachella style, mainly because of the heat, so you have to meet the fire elsewhere. The perfectly blended blue and purple ‘Shocking Blue & Voodoo mix’ of the cooler side on the color wheel as composed from the colors of Ultraviolet and Hot Pink. Ohh, but the fun didn’t stop there. Two bows stood proudly on each corners atop her head in an up-down do with a section pulled forward to showcase just how perfectly blended the tresses are. Accessories aren’t needed when you have a hot pink galaxy filled wingtip to pull the entire moment together.

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