Emmy Awards 2021: Women on the Red Carpet


It’s been fun watching all the celebrities slowly inch back into normalization as they debut on the many planned Red Carpets coming up. Awards season is one of the most prime times of the Fashion calendar year as Celebrities take the opportunity to make grand statements like; debuting new designers, making a statement, and become the first or youngest winner in a catergory. 

Tonight was the return of Emmy Awards with their 2021 Show. The 73rd show is being hosted in Downtown Los Angeles at the fame Microsoft Theatre and lead by legendary comedian Cedric the Entertainer. Unlike last years event, A-list stars and celebrities joined together in real time to celebrate TV’s biggest night compared to last years event being hosted virtually in the homes of the respective talents. Nominations this year came as no surprise as Bridgerton, The Crown, Ted Lasso, and I May Destroy You leading the nominations list.

With Angela Bassett, Dan and Eugene Levy, and Seth Rogen among some of the presenters of Awards of the evening the show is guaranteed to be filled with character – no pun intended. The main event of the awards, and most anticipated post-pandemic, is the flashing lights of the Red Carpet. The Emmy’s always serve as a Carpet of making comfort glamorous look comfortable while still being as stunning as ever. The women always understand that assignment tapping some of the most esteemed houses to create moments that last forever.

Check right below to see what they wore to the evening event.

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