A Closer Look at Kid Cudi’s $1 Million Diamond Kaws Chain



When it comes to an Artist and their accessories, it imperative to almost always have that stamp of ‘I did it first.’

Yesterday evening at the 2021 MET Gala Kid Cudi gained major bragging rights as he wore one of the most iciest pieces of jewelry on the notorious steps. The multi-faceted rapper wore a full look from Louis Vuitton that was actually an accessory to the accessory. The look was composed of an oversized sweatshirt and and tailored skirt that flow with grace as he walked. Keeping the cameras flashing, he flaunted his neon green cut with a dark smoky eye finished with s sleigh shimmer in the corners of the eyelids.

Yet the main event was the sparkle around his neck. The neck-piece was pop-circuit images of the KAWS characters. The one-of-one piece was commissioned by Cudi to the Ben Baller who drew the inspiration directly to the KAWS house in creating the authentic 1 of 1 piece. The piece is rumored to be priced at just around the $1 Million dollar mark, and rightfully so. The piece is intricately created with many different cuts and colored diamonds. Inspired by a mini version of the iconic Holiday Space figure in a rose gold space suit doing the signature pose of covering his face. A neat completion to the piece is the backpack of the Astronaut KAWS, which Ben Baller says is fully functional.

Check out the piece up close and personal and let us know what you think about it.

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