Frank Ocean Brought The Most Interesting Date to the Met Gala



Frank Ocean is one of those tastemakers that can literally do anything, but it can’t be done by anybody. Tonight on the steps of the MET Gala he furthered his outrageous aesthetic by bringing one of the most intriguing dates of the evening with him.

Who’s the date you ask? A robotic lime green baby. The mini-robo baby wore was dressed for the event thoroughly. Wearing an all over printed onesie with the shoes and hood sewn into the complete look and finished with bright sparkly grill. Ocean complimented his mini-invention with matching colored lime-green hair and a three-piece ensemble by Prada that included A windbreaker style jacket, vest, and tailored pants all in sueded fabric with the staple Prada metal logo on full display. Ocean also wore Prada to the MET Gala in 2019 in a similar style with a hoodie.

The robotic bay was built with character as well. As Ocean galavanted up the steps the little green minion would move his arms up and down in a waving motion to the crowd of paparazzi flashed their cameras and yelled at the pair while the proud papa looked down smiling in excitement.

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