A Look Into Tierra Whacks Creative New Wardrobe Designed Completely By Her Fans


There’s nothing like an Artist that cultivates the true meaning of artistry, being both innovative and creative. 

Every so often we get an artist who does so and now with pleasure we’re able to experience that of we know as Tierra Whack. The Philly native has sparked many conversations surrounding her unique visuals both on and off screen with Fashion being at the forefront of both realms. In a recent campaign Whack collaborated with Adobe Creative Cloud on a breath of stylish fresh air. The two mega brands created a contest titled What Whack Wears where they allowed fans to design outfits for Whack and they’d bring them to life. The Grammy-nominated rapper spent 24 hours with Vogue Magazine where she detailed the experience and the pieces giving her insight on Fashion and how fun the contest became.

“Pre-pandemic, I wanted to wear these clothes on tour,” Whack says of the outfits to Vogue. She continued stating, “I’m just glad we were able to find a way to showcase all these wonderful outfits that people designed, because my fans are so creative, and I really didn’t want to let all that talent go to waste.” Due to the pandemic, amongst the whole world being technically canceled, all live shows and etc were canceled due to securing the safety and stopping the spread of COVID-19. On the set with he was her Stylist Shirley Kurata. The two go back years and have a rigorous history of creating together. “I like that Tierra thinks outside of the box. She has her own style, and she likes to take risks,” says Kurata, adding, “She doesn’t want to wear anything that’s too basic, or, you know, normal.” says Kurata.

The 13 designs captured feature all different prints, patterns, and colors that match Whack almost to a precise t. Her creative logic goes beyond the normal eye and creates conversation and inspires trends unlike any other.

Check out the fan-made designs above and see for yourself.

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