Jeffrey Stores To Close Permanently Worldwide


The Fashion industry as we know it has been affected tremendously by the hardships presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mostly due to mass closing of large places of gathering across the world which includes all retail spaces. Retails brands have stood as long as possible, but with Neiman Marcus filing for bankruptcy and J. Crew as well, it only seems like the worst is beginning.

Reports have been swirling of the luxury fashion industry being hit harder than others and not expected to recover until possibly 2022. The latest to fall into hardship is Jeffrey, luxury fashion retailer. The brand announced today that the they’ll be closing all of there stores permanently. The brand was purchased from Nordstrom in 2004 with the original founder Jeffrey Kalinsky as executive vice president of designer merchandising and designer fashion director. “Nordstrom has been an incredible partner to me and to the Jeffrey brand,” Kalinsky said in an official release about the closures. “While I’m disappointed in their decision to close Jeffrey stores, I understand it is the right decision for the business given the circumstances of this global crisis. I’m grateful for the tremendous support Nordstrom has shown me over the years and the contributions they’ve made in growing the Jeffrey brand. I’ve formed meaningful friendships with so many people at Nordstrom, and I wish them nothing but continued success.”

Kalinsky will also be retiring from Nordstrom amidst the closure of his namesake store chain. Starting his namesake legacy in the 1999 in Atlanta, GA he started carving a unique nam for the socialites around the globe with his unique atmosphere and lively character. Harboring all of the highest of designers he went into high-fashion getting exclusive collections and first see previews of what’s to come. Housing the best fashions houses from Gucci, to Christian Louboutin, Prada, and early Stella McCartney Jeffrey has always been a staple in the luxury boutique market. Creating many timeless moments as a leader of the minimalism of artistic visionaries, Kalinsky will remain the fashion icon he is.




The decision on Nordstrom’s part to close the three Jeffrey boutiques follows the permanent closure of 16 Nordstrom stores across the United States as a cost-saving measure to balance losses as a result of COVID-19. “Jeffrey is an icon in the fashion industry, and in his years at Nordstrom he brought tremendous creativity, innovation, and expertise that have been invaluable to us as we’ve worked to establish and expand our designer offering,” wrote Pete Nordstrom, the president and chief brand officer of Nordstrom. “We’re grateful for his leadership and many contributions to the company. We’ll miss him greatly and wish him all the best.”

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