Lil’ Kim Shares Details On Her Legendary 1995 Met Gala Look



Today, Fashion lovers across the world mourned what we’ve all deemed a great loss as the 2020 MET Gala has been postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic across the world. Nonetheless, Vogue created a special montage of events happening later on today to honor the day in a way we call all be apart and enjoy.

The fabulous evening has always been the home for celebrities to debut new looks, take undeniable risks, and give everyone a chance to try something new. One muse that has always had a love for doing the not-so-easy is rapper Lil’ Kim. For example in 1999 for the MET, she went in true Lil’ Kim style and wore a two-piece from one of her favorite fashion house, Versace. The vibrant pink three-piece ensemble was one that turned many heads as she graced the steps of the most desired event in New York. The theme of the year was “Rock Style” which Lil’ Kim and Donatella both went for the not so expected and regular ball gowns to always hit the red carpet. Kim has always been a trailblazer ahead of the more risqué fashions and this evening was one for the books.

Kim remembers the evening like it was just yesterday. As everyone says, Kim re-iterated on a voice call with Vogue,  “It’s so different now than it was then. The Met was almost like a secret society, not everyone got invited. It was this upscale, elite society event.” Lil’ Kim has always been a longtime favorite client with the house of Versace so Donatella always had a special touch when it came to looks for the rapstress. She continued, “At the Met, you’re a designer’s muse [and] she loved the fact that I have fun in her clothes. Versace was one of my favorite designers. She knew that and would always create things tailor-made just for me. The mink coat was an original you won’t find it anywhere.” The look was a moment to remember as the embellished bandeau bra style two-piece was hand embellished with bronzed finishings, putting Kims toned abs on full-display. Complimenting the look in full, she went all out with a highlighted pink and blonde wig which she said held hues of different pinks; “light pink, baby pink, and a few strands a blonde.”

The look gets interesting as her pink python thigh high boots completed the look. “Mind you, I wear a size 4 1/2 or 5 in shoe, but they didn’t make the shoes she wanted me to wear that small. The only ones available were the ones on the runway for the models! Those were a size eight, but they were beautiful, and I loved them.” So Kim made due with the shoe regardless of the size and was just delighted to be at such an event wearing an original from her most beloved designer. In photos, the look was beyond perfect, but upon walking in she first saw Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston which Bobby noticed the shoe difference. As she sat down at the table across from the two, she noticed Bobby leave over to Whitney saying “Your girl looks fly but what’s up with her feet? I know she ain’t that little with big ass feet.” They all shared a laugh about what would go down in MET history as one of the most iconic looks of the carpet.

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