Kendall Jenner Releases Merch To Aid in COVID-19 Relief


This entire COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the lives of the entire face of the Earth. As devastating as the times are, many have found relief in the solidarity and unity everyone has displayed in ensuring that we all get through this safely, and together.

Celebrities have all done their different shares of donating in efforts of relied to aid the affected by the Coronavirus. Joining the list go greatness is Kendall Jenner, who announced the release of her special way of donating. Starting on her Instagram stories, the Supermodel was promoting the release of her  for-charity collection. In collaboration with her friend, DJ Daniel Chetrit, the two run a creative project dubbed The Zaza World. The capsule collection features a heartfelt logo of a stenciled little being bearing a large heart appearing to be carrying the love wherever needed. The logo is printed over t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and a hat with slogans like “stay home” and “this shirt feeds people,” directly correlating with the current state of needs.

One hundred percent of the net profits are going to Feeding America, which is a nationwide network of food banks that support shelters, soup kitchens, and underserved communities with meals during these trying times.


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