Hermès and Bugatti Team Up On An Extremely Aesthetically Perfect Chiron


If you’ve listened to any rap song in the past year, specifically Future, then you’ve for sure heard of a Bugatti. Yet incase you haven’t, a Bugatti is the ultimate staple for any intense car appreciator/collector. For their latest project, the French Supercar creator teamed up with luxury Fashion house Hermès to create a true one of one design.

The two mega-brands joined forces to create a couture style Chiron. The super deluxe machine was engineered for Californian real-estate mogul Manny Khoshbin. The car was one of the more delicate projects, taking three years to complete which Khoshbin details in the video as “all worth it.” The crisp and elegant design comes in an opulent shade of white named Hermès Craie. The color falls throughout the entire car fully detailing the wheels and into the interior as well. Towards the front, the grill has been customized with the Fashion houses symbolic H monogram. The inside is lined with the a cut of Hermès crisp leather and paneled with the brands cashmere fabric.

Bugatti detailed the car in full via their Instagram which shows the pristine 3 year work in its entirety. Khoshbin will put the automobile of art on display to the public on January 4, 2020 accompanied by his extensive luxury supercar collection.

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