What Exactly Donald Trumps Impeachment Mean


There’s very few people on planet Earth that hadn’t heard of the devastating tactics that came along with the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. It’s been a long, and dread for most, four years under the “direction” of Trump, yet now it could all be close to an end. On Wednesday evening, around 8:24 p.m., the 216th vote in the House of Representatives was submitted for the first article of impeachment, which has declared Donald J. Trump of abuse of power. Followed by a second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress. Trump has been more active with his Twitter fingers, than his fulfilling his duty, and has now been shaken with a deep reality check.

Throughout the entire proceedings, the Republican Party had dished several different narratives aiding as a pedestal for Trumps antics and actions. Stories that detailed that the entire ordeal was a “joke” — including two high headlining stories like the Ukrainian president never felt any pressure and arguing on Trumps very vocal disliking for the Democrats and their desire to impeach him since he started office. The Democrats swiftly rejected the opposing parties convictions bringing light to the facts of the president informing the Ukrainian president that no milmitirary aid would be delivered without an agreement to investigate the Bidens.

Although the Impeachment is great news, it’s only a start. There’s always a trial of the Senate that takes place to proves the article brought against Trump. Yet unfortunately, couldn’t;t go as many hope. To remove the president from office, there’s a need for twenty Republican votes and currently, there are none. The Republican party has been transfigured into a sort of behind-the-scenes cult with an unique obsession with the President and his distasteful motifs – ultimately blinding them all of the oblivious facts, evidence, and trumping—pun intended— testimonies against him. Nonetheless, a moment of joy can be relished for the United States of America as the 3rd President in the History of the presidents, is also held to the standard of the law.

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