Rihanna Re-Invents Her Trendy Braids For A Night Out In London


At the closing of the year, it’s not uncommon too want to get a little lazy while building your New Years resolutions and goals, but of course, that doesn’t go for Rihanna. The serial entrepreneur and entertainer was seen out on a casual stroll in London rocking a recent signature do of hers.

Last week at the Fashion Awards, Rihanna hit the carpet in a light blue tulle number that she accompanied with an innovative design of braids. On the night of the awards, Ri wore her cornrows to completion as they hung through her shoulders, yet for Round 2, instead of in a circular design she went for a straight back do and let the ends run textured and wavy. The loose end body wave braids were the perfect holiday simple holiday hair staple as she paired the do with sparkling diamante barrettes that clipped the hair back and showcasing her dazzling gold hoops, glossy perfect skin, and simple eyeshadow and gloss combo. The Bad Gal also makes a lesson in repeat as she wore a statement coat from her namesake label in a similar look after she won the ‘Urban Luxe’ award for her Fenty Brand (pictured left), so basically deck the halls with style from RiRi.

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