Tesla Cybertruck Reigns Victorious Against Ford F-150 in Tug-of-War Battle


The debut of Tesla’s Cybertruck rocked the world with excitement. At the groundbreaking unveiling, the company showed the prototype of the long awaited Electric truck and watchers swooned at the eclectic appeal of the monster truck. Recently, Elon Musk posted a short 16 second clip to Twitter of a dual out between a competitor and the already popular Cybertruck.

Putting the powerful electric truck to the test, the Tesla Cybertruck went pull-to-pull with the Ford F-150 in a match of tug-a-war. Backing up on of his recent tweets saying flat out that the Cybertruck is “better truck than an F-150,” he decided to put fact to theory and showcase the talents of the new invention. Auto analyzers have led with some concerns of the war, more specifically with the level of playing field between to the trucks. The debate rises of the true power of motor vs. battery and the efficiency with the Cybertruck’s impressive build including the heavy stainless steel exterior. It is unclear as to which versions of each vehicle was displayed, but fact can be confirmed by the study produced in the video that the Cybertruck is indeed full of more power.

Fans are still excited of the release of the truck as Tesla received over 140,000 pre-orders for the new vehicle.

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