Halsey Brings A Trendy Beauty Twist To The AMAs


Halsey is one of those artist who have no problem staying authentic to her true self regardless of the naysayers. Tonight on the AMAs Red Carpet she took a grand beauty risk, one that isn’t a farfetched idea either. Accompanying her initial look, she demanded attention on the Runway in a colorful flow of magic in a gown created by Marc Jacobs.

The dress was created to mirror “watercolor bleeding right into the AMAs” which she captioned on Instagram. Continuing and elaborating into the make-up saying “the makeup is of course my own experiment. Bye bye brows.” Where exactly did they go? Bleached blond. On the red carpet she beamed in the iridescent rainbow resemblant make-up that complimented the color-filled flowing gown that was followed by an intricate train. Upon the ceremony beginning, she changed into a form fitting gown where she accepted an award for “Favorite Song.” For look number 2 she wore a bold rosy lip with a burgundy lip line and powdery pink eyeshadow blended perfectly, making a solid case for the bleachy brow.


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