Jordan Clarkson Flaunts Fashions Latest Go-To Accessory



NBA All-Star Jordan Clarkson has been a fashion favorite since his beginnings. Taking the true power of pre-game aesthetic and making many memorable moments of them. On Wednesday nights game against the Chicago Bulls, Clarkson made an entrance with the seasons hottest rending accessory right now.

Walking in to the locker, Jordan wore a Louis Vuitton babushka scarf, delicately wrapped around his head. The babushka scarf has been popular lately as seen on the likes of A$AP Rocky, somewhat as a signature look for him. Th accessory was complimented with a pair of uniquely structured sunglasses that bare oval lenses over a thin gold wired frame. Keeping the LV momentum going he adding a signature monogramed cross-body bag over a black sports coat and coordinating pants, proving yet again basketball pre-game style is quite relevant.

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