Kash Doll Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Album ‘Stacked’


Detroit bred Rapstress Kash Doll has released her debut album, STACKED.

Working for years, Kash Doll hit a milestone within the past year growing exponentially as she’s released many high profile singles leading up to the grand debut including appearances from Lil Wayne on “Kitten”, and fellow Detroit native Big Sean on “Ready Set.” Kash gave “birth” to a “baby” of 17 tracks that chronicles her rise to stardom with a troubled upbringing and the many challenges she’s had to face, and overcome, to get to where she is today. The project includes high-profile features including Teyana Taylor, Summer Walker, Trey Songz, and more.

An already fan-favorite is the opening song “KD Diary,” where Knight gives an in-depth tunes to the trials turned tribulations that tried to hold her inside of a cocoon. Citing on the talked about bad deal she was locked into, her brief hustle in exotic dancing, and the tragic occurrence of her fathers death on her birthday as a young girl. Releasing a video to the star track, she took her success home to share with her roots and to let the naysayers know “she’s touching everything.”

You can stream Kash Doll’s debut album, Stacked, here.


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