‘Joker’ Breaks Box-Office Bringing In $93.5 Million Opening Weekend


Amidst worldwide speculation of the negative effect the film could pose on possible fragile mental states of watchers, the Todd Phillips’s picture performed exceptionally well. Opening weekend for the latest adaption of the Joker film brought in a staggering $93.5 million in box office ticket sales. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the Latest rendition of the film which explores the making of The Joker forming from the turmoil and constant bullying of failing comedian Arthur Fleck, it has ranked as one of the best performing R-rated films of all times while claiming the spot of the fifth best domestically for 2019 to date.

Excluding a premiere in China, which is projected to further the benchmarks set already, overseas markets performed in over 70 countries gaining a total of $234 million globally. According to a report from PostTrak’s exits polling service, the crowd was surveyed over patrons over theaters across the world. Although R-rated moviegoers between the age of 13-17 was 8 percent, accompanied by a parent or guardian, and 65 percent between 18-34 with an ethnicity breakdown as following:

Caucasian: 44%
Hispanic: 24%
African American: 16%
Asians/Other: 14%

Safe to say The Joker peeked the curiosity around the world ultimately making for a spectacular performance by Joaquin Phoenix and a true story of desperate entertainment turned perfection.

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