Kanye West Album ‘Jesus Is King’ Has Been Postponed Again


Anytime Ye’ speaks on dropping some music, the anxiety raises to an all time high. Kanye West has been making back to back headlines with his Sunday services he’s been holding across the states and most prominently when his wife, Kim Kardashian West, posted a mysterious list of what were suspected as album titles on Social Media. The album was confirmed with a release date, twice now, and titled ‘Jesus Is King.’

Sources have now confirmed that the highly anticipate album has been deleted once again, this time indefinitely. TMZ reports that sources close to Ye’ shared insight on the current process surrounding the album citing, “but Ye keeps tweaking it. Every time he listens, there’s something he wants to change. We’re now told there’s no release date anymore.” The unfortunate news follows a lineup of public listening session held over this past weekend in Detroit, Chicago, and New York City. The listening sessions even included merch release for the project and the announcement of and IMAX documentary. Although no word of release date, sure enough fans anticipation for the new music is nevertheless still prevalent.

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