Netflix’s Just Released The Teaser For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 With A Big Surprise


Netflix power show Stranger Things just revealed there will indeed be a Season 4, but with a new spin. In the short teaser posted to the the shows YouTube account, the ‘official announcement’ starts out with their classic neon red letters arranging in place with an even grander number 4 behind the title – confirming the fourth season. After the arrangement is complete, the scenes cuts to a sort of vine like structure growing over the lights from the original upside down cutting the scene to black with the simple phrase reading: “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.”

It’s been only three months since the release of Season 3 and we can take away that things are going to be very different now with the new setting taking place with the cast. Show watchers might recall that the end of season three saw the Byers family leave the small town after too many deaths surrounding the city. Also teasing that one character may also be in Russia. There’s no set date for the season release but we can count on July as the previous seasons have released in that same time frame.

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