Fenty Releases New Collection During Paris Fashion Week


Paris Fashion Week has been its usually rainy usual full of jam-packed back to back shows, dinners, and presentations full of high fashion. Rihanna’s FENTY brand is stickingR0163C4PR001_PR-1 to their principles of the not so traditional fashion show presentations, but that definitely doesn’t mean that the brands present isn’t felt. Yesterday the LVMH backed Fashion House continue her rule disrupting schedule and released a new collection outside of the Parisian brand runways. The see-now-buy-now collection released have been proving successful as the brand continues to generate buzz and innovative closet staples.

The collection includes a new rendition of classic pieces the brand has created. For starters, the namesake label has had a very strong presence with Denim. Included in the rollout is a new cut-out less denim mini skirt, cigarette tailored jeans including the ankle split, banker shirts grazing sloped sleeves, pinstriped mega cinched waist corsets, and a killer knife toe show which Rihanna called in her Instagram captions the “Corset boot.” Elevating the “casual suit,” Ri released a pinstriped two piece suit with an oversized sports coat and drop crouch trouser with a mini cuff revealing a neon orange lining. Still listening to her audience she’s kept things edgy and youthful with a sexy sheer black turtleneck, an oversize graphic tee, and two unique puffer coats that serves major versatility with a streetwear boss bitch slash masculine outerwear vibe.

The new collection is available to shop via FENTY.com now.



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