Here’s A First Look At Kim Kardashians Brand Shape Wear Re-Branding



Kim Kardashian is a staple when it comes to marketing and getting creative when it comes to structuring content and creating brands. The Mom-preneur started a venture of shape wear that didn’t receive such a friendly response when she named the brand ‘KIMONO’ which is a bit similar to the Chinese garment that symbolizes a lot of history to the culture, which fans and critics deemed culturally insensitive. In an Instagram post, Kardashian took the criticism as constructive and took responsibility for the action/perception and promptly took action.

Now branded as Skims Solutionwear, Kim explained how much she appreciates everyone that supports her and how important the situation was to her going on to say “My fans and followers are a huge inspiration to me—I am always listening to their feedback and opinions and am so grateful they shared their ideas for a new brand name.” She also added, “I love the idea that the pieces will be the closest thing to someone’s skin, skimming with amazingly soft and supportive fabrics which accentuate the best parts of our bodies.”

Skims Solutionwear will be widely inclusive, available in sizes XXS to 5XL. Which is widely reflected with the campaign shot by Vanessa Beecroft which features a diverse group of women wearing the solution wear underwear, colored bras, and bodysuits. The Solutionwear featured in the campaign appears to be the same as the original, which adds even more to the character of the brand as she didn’t waste/improperly destroy any of the product that she had previously manufactured.

Skims Solutionwear will be available for purchase on September 10th.


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