Tiffany & CO To Expand Into Mens Jewelry With Latest Collection


Tiffany & Co has been a remarkable jewelry company for decades with generations of timeless classic pieces. The American mega-jeweler has been majorly women focused and with doing so set an abundance of trends when it comes to accessorizing. Now the brand is attempting to plant new roots with one of their new collections tailored specifically for men.

The new collection is indeed brand new and will cater to the growing mens accessory market. This new collection will be different from the classic accessories the brands have release before like the cufflinks, money clips, and table accessories. The brand will be ushering in a wide array upwards of 100 new designs. The men’s market proposes itself more than lucrative currently holding a $5.8 billion market in the industry which prompted Tiffany’s to expand to assist in increasing their sales after seeing a slight drop of profit within the last few quarters. The collection, which doesn’t have a name and end-date, is set to release in October and will host popular everyday accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.

The collection, which ranges in price from $200 to $15,00, is set to debut in October via the brand’s worldwide stores and online store.

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