Cardi B Flaunts Her Toned Abs In This New Chic Brand


Cardi B and her stylist Kollin Carter have always had an undeniable chemistry and prompt relationship when it comes to Fashion. The looks they create are usually always a hit and set the internet ablaze, like her Grammy’s look in archived Thierry Mugler, and her street-style looks are no different. In a casual strut out of her chauffeured SUV, the Rapper flaunted in a new sporty brand that has been on all of Insta’s favorites celebs. TLZ L’Femme is a brand created ‘To Live Zealously Free” according to their InstaGram bio and their designs reflect just that.

Cardi sported a design captivating that freedom. The white cropped shirt sat gracefully atop her stomach, putting her perfectly toned abs on full display. The blouse, which beholds an exaggerated collar, crossed with grace at the front for a light cleavage reveal. The real fun came complimentary of the arm structure. The structured arm gathered in a scrunched blend up the length finishing at the shoulders. She paired the innovative top with a cow print mini-skirt from Burberry, finishing it off with thigh high white knife boots from Balenciaga. Flossing a brunette blonde ponytail, she captioned the picture vigorously free with the words, ‘They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes fuck better” in true Cardi fashion.

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