Kim Kardashians Fiery Beauty Look Keeps Summer Going


Beauty & Cosmetics is one of Kim Kardashians many contributions to her wide catalogue. KKW Beauty is her cosmetics line that creates a plethora of fantasy looks with everyday make-up. Her latest release is her ‘Sooo Fire’ Collection which includes “a 10-pan metallic eyeshadow palette, 3 eyeliners, and 3 glosses with a brand new formula.” She rolled out promo for the collection with a PR kit that was literally on fire and the looks have been just as bomb. Today the Reality Star posted a look using products from the collection and it’s truly “Super Fire.’

In a look painted by celebrity make-up artist Hung Vango, the look was composed on set for a special project. Kardashian posed in a flick with a decadent smile showing the perfectly structured cuts and contour using the new formula in the collection. The fiery red lip and peachy cheek blended for a summer melody. Complimented perfectly with a sleek up-do into a bun wrapped with a single braid – a look deserving of a Black Swan exhibition.


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