Dior Announce Mens Pre-Fall 2020 Show To Be Hosted In Miami


Kim Jones has completely come to the House of Dior and made a true pandemonium with his unique designs for the Mens collections. Bringing back classic trends, and invention new one, Jones has always found a connection to put Fashion on the pedestal of art. For his first traveling show, he showcased thens Mens Pre-Fall collection, in Tokyo with a monumental KAWS sculpture by Hajime Sorayam. The Laws imprint took a huge influence over the collection with a blush pink color and logo T-shirts with the ‘X’ cross eyes symbol.

For this season he’ll be taking another giant presentation with the Mens showcase being held in Miami just days before this years Art Basel. With such a large debut under Dior with the Kaws collaboration, many artist, celebrities, and street style mavens have taken a keen sense to the clean aesthetic eye Jones has. Although not many details have been released about the show, it’s sure to be another internet breaker.

Check back here as we continue to update the details!

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