Gucci Is Now The World’s Hottest Brand Replacing Off-White™


With streetstyle at an all-time high brands are constantly racing to capture the eyes of the ever evolving millennial consumers to introduce the current most hyped fashions of the moment. With a large splash onto the scene Off-White™ held the title as the worlds Hottest Brand, but now has moved into second. Lyst has released their quarterly index which includes statistics and ratings of the most coveted brands and their consumer performance of the quarter with Gucci sweeping swept back into the number one spot. This marks the fifth time the Italian label has held the position over the past two years.

Joining Gucci & Off-White™ the Top-5 of Lysts’ list of the Hottest brands are with Balenciaga, Valentino and Prada completing the top five. Mens fashion has a huge influence on the list as well. In addition they list the most in demand products which was flooded with sneakers. The list is topped with YEEZYS, followed by Raf Simons and Beckenbauer.

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