Textile Waste Has Increased Tremendously Over The Past Few Decades


When it’s comes to fashion, especially fast fashion, there lies the liability of what to do with what doesn’t sell. Even beyond having the massive end of season sale there’s still those few straggling products that don’t make it into someones closet. Unfortunately for those few, they’re “disposed” of and never seen again, with most of the time not in a good fashion (no pun intended.) According to a research study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), textile waste has inflated by a staggering 811% from the year 1960 to 2015. Retail Dive, reported that the EPA’s stats estimate that the textile waste in 2015 weighed in at a heavy weight of 16 tons compared at a quiet lower number than in the ’60s, which was weighing in then at 1.76 million.

Data from the EPA also revealed that the majority of this waste is frequently being dumped in landfills – about 66% of it. Sustainability has been a very prevalent issue lately, pressing all industries to ensure more practical ways with getting rid of aftermarket textiles in a more eco-friendly manner. Last year Burberry was in the hot-seat after news released that they’d burned millions of dollars worth of unsold merchandise, but quickly delivered a resolution with the initiative by putting a complete end to this process, in addition to announcing that they’ll no longer use real fur by 2022. The topic of sustainability continues to develop and more brands are making pledges to the cause to lessen the carbon footprint on the environment.


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