Beyoncé Releases Extended Version Of Spirit & Bigger From Lion King Album


When it comes to visuals for a movie it’s almost as priority as the actual film. The music, set designs, choreography everything plays a large factor in the overall success. The latest under heavy talks is the live-action remake of The Lion King. The film features a star studded cast including Chance The Rapper, Seth Rogan, Childish Gambino, & Beyoncé. In addition to remarkable talent and acting on the big screen, you can expect nothing short of amazing with the tunes to follow behind the decade long childhood staple.

Today Beyoncé released The Lion King: The Gift, an album inspired by the movie and the African culture that steers it all.  In the extended video you can see Beyoncé in strategic threads orchestrating voluminous character aligning with the heart-warming words of the leading song ‘Spirit’ followed by a more in-depth focused to match the intricate message of ‘Bigger.’ The album features a plethora of authentic African artist and melodies that display the sultry sounds long exalted and praised. The albums includes melodies from Tierra Whack, Burna Boy, Major Lazer, Tekna, and many more with a specific vibe that can not be ignored and has to be appreciated.

The Lion King is in Theaters now in addition to The Lion King: The Gift available everywhere to stream/purchase and enjoy.

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