Stella McCartney Inks Major Deal With Fashion Conglomerate LVMH


Stella McCartney has been a prominent force in the Fashion Industry for a while now with her authentic charm and relativity in connecting with the millennial crowd. Seemingly her hard work has brought her more than prominent sales and popularity as she has now collaborated with the biggest Fashion chain in world. News broke today that McCartney went into a partnership with fashion conglomerate LVMH, joining another bossy-lady with Rihanna’s Fenty House. McCartney is known for her invigorating take on sustainability while creating her attractive designs.

Just recently leaving her former partner company, Kering, she regained full ownership of her company and ran things accordingly for a little over a year. In addition to the partnership, McCartney will also serve as a Special Advisor on sustainability to the CEO of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, in addition to the company’s executive committee. Her intense focus on re-invention and recycling made the merge an easy union. McCartney is the perfect pairing as she continuously creates ways of reducing over-usage, like her latest Adidas collection that which will purify and liquify old cotton making it refreshed to assemble into new product.

“LVMH was the first large company in France to create a sustainability department, more than 25 years ago,” said Arnault. “It is the beginning of a beautiful story together, and we are convinced of the great long-term potential of her house.”

Check back with us soon as more details will be released sometime in September.

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