Dapper Dan Tackles Race and Heritage on Breakfast Club Interview

Dapper Dan is the prominent definition of a self-made Entrepreneur. Starting in his young days in the streets of Harlem, Dapper Dan built a legacy of true revelation of reference and innovation. A true pioneer in many industries, he made a thorough name for himself in the Fashion industry by renovating some of the popular Luxury brands of then, and even now. Seeing a lack of certain style within these Fashion Houses, he crafted visions of his own that quickly catapulted becoming a hot commodity amongst everyone from drug dealers to athletes and celebrities.

On a promo-stop for his new book at The Breakfast Club, Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem: A Memoir, he spoke on a plethora of important topics all of which made him into the man that he is today. Strong about his roots in Harlem, as he recently sat down with A$AP Rocky for a lesson of history for AT&T,  Dapper Dan talked about the importance of the African American community and the power we all posses to truly make the change inside and out. A connoisseur of re-invention after he was forced underground when the fashion houses got word of his success, he was forced to make means another way while still doing what he loved. “I just kept switching lanes. I learned early on … that the streets will just implode on you if you don’t understand.” continuing “If our culture is so powerful and selling out around the world, and somebody else is selling it, I wanna get to where they’re selling it at! We are the influencers!”

Touching on the controversy behind the Gucci problem, he noted that Alessandro Michele stated that he was ‘paying homage to the designer’ and how he didn’t immediately say it assuming that it’d easily be noted that was the case. “When people appropriate our culture, they make mistakes,” noting that the heads of the brand were working on cultural inclusivity well before the meeting with Dapper Dan. Spanning a little over an hour the interview is filled with gems and knowledge from the Genius.

Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem: A Memoir is available now around the world.

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