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Aladdin Has Skyrocketed to Becoming Will Smith’s Highest Grossing Film


Since forever Will Smith has felt like the worlds Uncle. For generations we’ve all relished in the many lessons and laughs in his role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which would then usher in an entire catalog of greatness to enjoy. Including hit films like Bad Boys, Seven Pounds, and Ali, he’s always had the nack for transforming into some of the most prosperous character full of integrity.

Yet his latest act as The Genie in Aladdin has landed him another catapult in his career. in 1990, Will showed us a remarkable performance in his 1996 film Independence Day. A performance so pristine it grossed a astounding $817.4 million in Box Offices across the world. Now debunked, Aladdin has soared to $824 million, making another well-deserved career marker under Smith’s belt.

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