Victor Cruz Wears A Guys Summer Go-To Staple For



Athletes have always been a prominent equation when it comes to Fashion. Pre-Game walk attire alone have become hot-topics, making that to the locker room walk a runways of its’ own. Victor Cruz, a prominent NFL retiree of the New York Giants, is no stranger to the fun of Fashion and his recent run around Florence showcases just that. Vic hit Florence for the Givenchy x Pitti Uomo Fashion show and was dressed not only for the occasion but perfectly for the season. in a Summer staple every guy should be breezing in this season should all have in our closet.

Summer is known to be hot and easy-going when it comes to style, so comfort and class is always a go-to. Givenchy is known for cool and funky style so their Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 Pitti Uomo show was nothing short of a Bahama Breeze, but Italian style. The one thing every man needs to stay cool, and fly, is a good Satin shirt. Vic put his on full display for the event wearing full Givenchy of course. The satin number gracefully flew in the wind like high-thread count delicacy with an all-over print. The shirt was season ready with hues of gold and light blue as the main focus in different patterns and shapes fusing to create an aesthetically perfect for the occasion and sunset lit show. He paired the shirt with coordinating colored slacks that mat the ankles of his white and sky blue sneaks. If retirement is anything like this, point in direction towards the sign up sheet please.

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