The List of 2019’s Most Valuable Luxury Brands Is In


According to McKinsey Global Fashion Index, the Fashion industry in it’s entirety is worth an estimated $2.4 trillion, exactly. It’s no surprise that when the list of top 10 valuable brands of the current year who’d be on top. Only halfway through the year and projections are already through the roof for the brands and their reported earnings. BrandZ released a list of the Most Valuable Brands of 2019, and atop of them all is Louis Vuitton with another increase in relativity and sales. Now worth $47.2 billion, topping Chanel, the French fashion house grew 15 percent in merit over just the last year.

The timeline of growth in the top ten end with Prada with estimated value of $3.5 billion USD. BrandZ also made note of commending the Luxury department entirely, stating that the category grew completely by 29 percent over the past year.

The entire list of BrandZ’s Most Valuable Luxury List is as follows:

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