Drake’s Legendary Air Mobile Was Reportedly Given To Him For Free


“Air Drake” was air free? A few weeks ago, Drake set the internet on fire with an IGtv post showing the behind-the-scenes making of a custom Private coach tailored specifically for the Rapper. The multi-million dollar 767 Luxury Airplane is a “gift” form one Canadian to another. Sources close to both parties involved revealed that a Canadian airline company under Cargojet gave Drake the Airplane for, yup, FREE. Under one condition of course: He has to fly across the world and showcase it on Instagram.

Cargojet President and Chief Executive Officer Ajay Virmani previously released a statement regarding the generous gift:

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 5.46.08 PM“We are very excited to partner with Drake as our ambassador and assisting him   with his logistical needs and requirements. We have had a lengthy relationship with Drake and this partnership has grown organically between both parties. Cargojet and Drake are both great Canadian successes, we are thrilled to be partnering together.”

Estimated at $220 million, the beautiful bird is dressed to accompany the Champagne Papi in every detail. The pure white exterior includes silver detailing and grey lettering as a mock name for the new airline, “Air Drake” and on the other side the infamous OVO owl so add the extra wings and eyes in the sky.  Inside the 767 is where the true magic is. First stand-out is the deluxe open spacing, complimenting the sumptuous tinted red-rose gold carpet and plush seating throughout the aircraft. Drake’s excitement was summed down to one phrase, “no rental, no timeshare.”

The native Canadian wasted no time putting the Eagle to good use, flying cross country to the Bahamas to celebrate the Raptors heading to the NBA Finals.

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