Virgil Abloh & NikeLab Collab On Chicago Creative Center


Chicago has always been a realm of authentic creativity for multiple industries. Birthing some of the most prodigious Talent of current times, the city is getting a full circle of recognition for the remarkable aptitude the city has to offer. Virgil Abloh, a Chicago native, is teaming up with NikeLAB to create a unique experience for the city to capture this Summer.

The special outpost has been dubbed the Re-Creation Center with a distinctive experience very similar to it’s name. The center will cater to a large support base of Abloh, the Youth, and providing them with the tools and mechanisms to release a creative back up of ideas to assist in expressing their ideology – whatever it may be. For two months, what Nike calls the “cultural hub” will offer hands-on workshops, mentorship options, exclusive drops, and a work space to present all of the above. The center will also hold special panel discussions that will be curated by local creative architects that Virgil will hand select to administer the discussions. To continue the fun a confirmed list including Paul Octavious, Thomas Kelley, Chuck Anderson, Alyx Harch, Carrie Norman and more will give knowledge on an array of subjects including brand identity and textile design and sourcing honing on individual craft capitalization.

The space is set to Launch in Chicago on May 31st and will run through July 28.

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