Haus Gaga Shares Private Fashion Archive of Lady Gaga in Las Vegas


Since anyone could remember, Lady Gaga has always been a Bad Romance to fall madly in love with. Rambunctious. Talented. Raw, literally in this sort. When she arrived, it didn’t take the blink of an eye before she became Pop’s outspoken Princess. Yet beyond her tunes it was always an extra bit of spunk that gaga held that appealed to the bare eye: her Fashion. Like that 4-in-1 pink carpet moment at the 2019 MET Gala were she put on a mini-cinematic movie as the world sat front row to a 4 act stage change. There isn’t a corner in Lady Gaga’s career where the flashing cameras didn’t catch the groundbreaking fashion lesson the multi-talented star delivered.

As would be anybodies dream to take a stroll in the costume closet of one of the biggest celebrities in the world, it was her own as well. Now the Las Vegas strip is going to get glitter on platform heels as Haus of Gaga parades in. Lady Gaga is bringing her private archive of Fashion moments to Vegas in a museum presentation for all to share and indulge in. “Haus of Gaga is a space where you can experience all of Gaga and it has been her dream to have all her outfits in one place. We have about 20 outfits, over 40 wigs and accessories and shoes, everything,” says Formichetti, whom is an extended Lady Gaga collaborator. “Like her show Enigma, the digital space was very much an inspiration for the exhibition — and then mixed with a little bit of Las Vegas showgirl moment. For the opening, I specifically have more of her earlier stuff. But we already have the next one in mind.”

Each piece worn by Mother Monster herself, the live lookbook in a glass showcase in joint collaboration with Formichetti to share the journey and elegance in the beginning decade of Gaga’s international career. The gallery is going to be a warped timeline including some of her most prevalent Fashion moments. Dating back to the beginning to join will be Lady Gaga’s baby blue telephone hair hair-band by Fred Butler. Sure to start a line around the entrance is that 2010 MTV Video Music Awards raw meat dress by Franc Fernandez and those smoking cigarette bud sunglasses, and more current personal pieces like a handwritten version of “I’ll Never Love Again,” by Bradley Cooper’s from A Star is Born.

The Haus of Gaga exhibit will open tomorrow, May 30, 2019, at the MGM Grand paralleling her Las Vegas residency and will run through November 8th.

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