Rihanna Opens Up About New Music & Fashion House ‘FENTY’


OFFICIAL IT IS! Today a first look at Rihanna’s new LVMH Fashion House was released and the entire world is shook! Rihanna sat down for an interview with T-Magazine to chat about her uprooting career and the many different fields it’s taking on. Most notably, her highly talked about Fashion house ‘FENTY’. The interview is filled with all things Rihanna, yet a little more elevated as the Songstress has grown beyond a single title within the latest years. In the editorial, Rihanna wears only pieces from the Luxury houses debut collection and it is indeed more than we expected.

The selection of the collection includes Japanese Denim, blush colors, extremely tailored corsets, and Exotic Sunglasses. “Every collaboration I did outside of music, I used Fenty so that you didn’t have to hear the word “Rihanna” every time you saw something that I did. So Rihanna stayed the music, the person. But these other brands are called Fenty.” Rihanna stated when asked about using her family name. Over-saturation is a task that Rihanna doesn’t agree with, which drives the model for her new business is a very unique way. “I want to be as disruptive as possible. The brand is not traditional. There is no runway show. It’s a new way of doing things because I believe that this is where fashion is going to go eventually.”

FENTY is one of the few Luxury brands that’s going to stick to the online only module with drops spreads across a timeline of new merchandise. The new house is keeping the fluidity of not conforming to a single gender and making classic pieces for any and everyone who sees fit – going all the way up to a French size 46.  The first drop is thought to be “really strong and edgy,” a style RiRi has mastered and facilitates eloquently. Although Rihanna maintains creative control, the price range is still of LVMH taste with shoes retailing at $600 USD, Sunglasses at $480 USD, jackets and blazers at $1,000 USD (prices listed of the T Magazine pieces, respectively.)

The brands debut will go live at a yet-to-be disclosed location in Paris on May 25 with a global release on Fenty’s online store May 29.

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